Doru Curteanu – Facilitator

“I am a coach and system facilitator for leaders and teams. I work with my clients to help the flow of health, vitality and prosperity in the human systems where they are members: families, teams, organizations and communities.

I have worked for 10 years in higher education where I designed and taught Project Management courses, Organization Leadership, Trainers Training and Human Resources Management. I coordinated teams of trainers and consultants in educational projects with European funding. We have created a training and consulting company where for 20 years I have worked with thousands of people from organizations from various fields offering team building programs, team coaching, leadership, executive coaching, coaching skills for sales managers, communication and personal development. I was for 4 years Associate Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

I have a PhD in Management, I am a professional business consultant certified by Washington State University and a coach accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council at the Practitioner level. Over the past 7 years, I have been passionate about training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) in executive coaching, system coaching for teams and system facilitation with the method of organizational constellations.

Starting 2017, I am a co-facilitator in coaching and system facilitation programs provided by Coaching Constellations UK in collaboration with One 2 Coach and in open workshops for Professional and Organizational Constellations. ”

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council member in 2013 and Coach accredited by the EMCC Practitioner in 2017
  • Executive Secretary of the Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Association – Partner in Romania of the Academy of Executive Coaching UK, between 2015-2016
  • Coach and system facilitator for leaders, organizational development specialists, entrepreneurs, management teams and sales teams